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What on earth is Rewarderrr and why is it awesome (you may ask...)?!?

Rewarderrr (by that obsessive, app building, motley bunch of rogues over at Teknocrat) is a management tool. A management tool that takes a huge amount of the hands-on management… out of management.

Imagine a world where every single one of your employees was somehow, cleverly, incrementally, constantly, effectively motivated to treat company time, money and resources as if they were their own… Impossible you say? Confounding you say? Revelatory idea we say.

Rewarderrr is an employee motivation and incentivization tool. Highly configurable, it’s been built from the ground up – to plug into your specific business, and to suit your specific employees. And it’s been built to match and reflect your management priorities.

More productivity out of your employees?
More engagement with your employees?
Constant, incremental performance management and improvement of your employees?
Higher levels of cost conscientiousness from your employees?

Tell us your priorities. We’ll tell you if, how and what Rewarderrr can do to deliver what you want, and what your company might need.

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