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What on earth is Rewarderrr and why is it awesome (you may ask...)?!?

Rewarderrr (by that obsessive, app building, motley bunch of rogues over at Teknocrat) is a management tool. A management tool that takes a huge amount of the hands-on management… out of management.

Imagine a world where every single one of your employees was somehow, cleverly, incrementally, constantly, effectively motivated to treat company time, money and resources as if they were their own… Impossible you say? Confounding you say? Revelatory idea we say.

Rewarderrr is an employee motivation and incentivization tool. Highly configurable, it’s been built from the ground up – to plug into your specific business, and to suit your specific employees. And it’s been built to match and reflect your management priorities.

More productivity out of your employees?
More engagement with your employees?
Constant, incremental performance management and improvement of your employees?
Higher levels of cost conscientiousness from your employees?

Tell us your priorities. We’ll tell you if, how and what Rewarderrr can do to deliver what you want, and what your company might need.

Who made Rewarderrr and why are they worth a conversation?

Rewarderrr was designed and built by the peeps at Teknocrat Pty Ltd. Australian-based, a company that prides itself on one key thing above all else – no, not customer service (although yes that is very important to us); no, not doing what makes the most money (but yes, we like being profitable – we’ve heard it’s kind of important); no, not riding high on congratulations for our breathtaking ideas (yes, we’d love that but most clients just want something that works, the congratulations are implicit). So what is the number 1 thing the Teknocrat crew loves to do, loves to be, loves to advocate? Innovation.

Teknocrat’s management team has won numerous awards over the years, both whilst roaming the spartan hallways of Teknocrat, and whilst serving as C level executives for other organizations in prior incarnations. These awards include, but are not limited to: the coveted Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year (Technology, Western Region) Award, ANZ BRW Privatte Company Award, multiple Rising Star and 40 Under 40 Awards, among others.

Previous clients that the management team at Teknocrat have won and or worked with (again, either via Teknocrat directly or whilst working in the software industry previously) include Austal, Anglogold Ashanti, Caltex, Boral, AdBri, SBS and many, many others.

We know our stuff. We hope you get to know our services. Rewarderrr, by Teknocrat, is something we’re very proud of.

Why did we make Rewarderrr? What is the niche we were / are trying to fill?

Rewarderrr by Teknocrat was designed for managers, by managers. It was designed to help measure performance, productivity and drive both of those mission critical business objectives. The Teknocrat team has worked hard and worked for many, many hours researching, designing, building, testing… and then redesigning, rebuilding, and re-testing Rewarderrr. Management – effective, precise and productive management – isn’t easy. The Teknocrat team have experienced this, first hand, for many years and throughout hundreds or previous and or current employees.

So Teknocrat didn’t design Rewarderrr as some abstract, warm and fuzzy concept. We designed it as a hands-on, pragmatic, practical and powerful solution (that’s a lot of P’s!) – for managers, by managers – to get results out of employees in a systemized, efficient, and technology-enabled way.

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